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Visiting-Central-AmericaThe region of Central America is one of the most beautiful and exotic places in the Western Hemisphere. Yasmin Malhotra has been to the area many times and wants to show people the beauty of the region.

 When thinking of vacation spots, there are many places south of the United States that people think of. The first is usually Mexico because they are our neighbors to the south, then there’s the Caribbean Islands. Go farther south past Mexico and the world of Central America is opened to tourists looking for beautiful scenery and great adventure.

Yasmin Malhotra says one of the best-known countries in Central America is Costa Rica. From its dense forests and jungles, to its picturesque beaches, Costa Rica hosts many natural wonders in which tourists can enjoy recreational activities. Realizing the popularity of their beaches and ocean, many resorts have popped up in towns that line the coast. Among the most popular inland activities is hiking. There are many volcanoes in the country, and they all provide some of the most breathtaking scenery that exists on this planet.

Some other countries that are worth visiting for their culture include Guatemala. Once a country that was considered to be hostile due to civil war, a newly established peace in the last decade has brought back the prospect of tourism in the country. According to Yasmin Malhotra, Belize is a popular destination for tourists.

Due to its proximity to other popular destinations on the Yucatan Peninsula such as Cancun, Belize is a fantastic getaway for people who want to explore more of the outdoors and sea. Some of the Aztec pyramids that are famous in the Yucatan region appear in Belize. The one unique feature that separates Belize from other countries in the area is that it was once a British colony. Many of the other independent nations of Central America were Spanish. Belize gained its independence from the United Kingdom in the 1950’s and has been its own country ever since.

There are many other wonderful destinations in Central America. If you ever get the opportunity to travel there, don’t hesitate to drop everything and go.

Yasmin Malhotra is a world traveler who wants to share her love of travel with everyone she meets. There is nothing more rewarding than learning about other cultures and experiencing new things, which is why she continues to travel.

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