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ImagesGoogle released a standalone Maps application for iOS last week. ACS Industrial Services comments on the prompt speed in which consumers were downloading the program for their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

 In the wake of Apple Maps flopping after the release of iOS 6, Google has released an independent application for Apple users who want the program back. The news of the release had users so excited that the application had 10 million downloads within 48 hours of the announcement.

Apple and Google had been partnered up in using Google Maps for previous versions of their mobile operating system. However, Apple had decided to go their own way in developing a proprietary map application. The announcement was made when Apple introduced the new version of iOS and iPhone 5.

ACS Industrial Services says that expectations were high as many features were designed to be as good as what Google had to offer.  Additionally, more fun features that were tuned to interact with iPhone natively. Unfortunately, after it was released, there were some grievous errors spotted by users. For instance, whole towns and roads were mislabeled, businesses would be shown located in the ocean, and the 3D rendering for land masses could result in large spikes subbing in for mountains.

The response to Google Maps’ return to iOS 6 has been both critically and socially popular. ACS Industrial Services has seen many people excitedly announcing the return of the program after a couple months of frustration with the native application. Apple has not said whether or not they will abandon their Maps application in order to reintegrate Google Maps. It seems that Apple will try to redo their new application and push it out in a future update.

This likely isn’t the end for Apple Maps, merely a bump in the road that needs work. At least now Google fans have their preferred application back on their devices.

ACS Industrial Services is an electronics repair service that can tackle consumer electronics as well as more heavy-duty equipment. They want people to be satisfied with the products they buy, so they make sure that anything broken can be repaired.

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