Bounce House Injuries And How To Avoid Them

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Bounce HouseInflatable bounce houses have become very popular in recent years. People can now rent them for birthday parties at their home or a large open location. They can also take their children to businesses that have various bounce houses available for them to play in. Unfortunately, with the increase in popularity has come an increase in injuries. Thousands of children each year are injured while playing in bounce houses.

Bounce house injuries can be very traumatic for the child. It is generally younger children that use bounce houses, ranging between three and ten years of age. While some bounce house injuries are minor, many are severe enough to require an emergency room visit. Luckily, bounce house injuries rarely result in hospitalization. In most cases, the child can go home after they have been patched up by the emergency room doctors.

Types Of Injuries

Injuries to the arms and legs are the most common bounce house injuries reported. This generally occurs when there are many children using the bounce house simultaneously. As the children jump around, they can bounce into or jump onto each other. As the children collide, injuries occur. It does not take a great amount of force to break an arm or leg and even less for fingers and toes.

Strains and sprains are also common bounce house injuries seen by health care providers. Bounce houses can be very unstable surfaces, especially when multiple children are jumping at the same time. As the child attempts to land solidly and increase their stability, they can hyperextend their muscles, tendons, or ligaments. The pain of these injuries can be excruciating and often result in a trip to the hospital. These injuries may be treated with ice, bandages, and over the counter pain relievers.

Head and neck injuries can occur in bounce houses as well. It is not uncommon to see children with concussions after striking heads with another child while jumping in the bounce house. Children that land on the back of another’s head while jumping can cause devastating injuries to the neck and spinal cord. The more children in the bounce house at the same time, the greater the chance for injury to occur.

Avoiding Injuries

There are some precautions that you can take to reduce your child’s chances of injuring themselves in a bounce house. The first thing is to make sure you monitor what your child is doing in the bounce house. Children can become rambunctious when they think that no one is watching and can do things that are unsafe. With an adult watching, chances are they will not begin jumping on each other or violating other bounce house rules.

Limiting the number of children that are in the bounce house at one time will also lessen the chances for injuries to occur. Have the children take turns and only allow several children to use the bounce house at a time. This ensures that each child has room to maneuver without running into each other.

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