Mark Cartwright, Dallas: New Funding for Youth Assistance

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TraumaMany children have faced trauma in their lives. Mark Cartwright, Dallas psychologist, is among the many professionals who can help such unfortunate children. A recent article attested that the University of Massachusetts is among several bodies in the industry working to provide funding for youth assistance programs.

There is a myriad of reasons why children require some form of assistance. They may be in court for delinquency, have committed some crime, have run away or committed truancy. Regardless, in some for or other, there is a habit or trend presence that makes them subject to benevolent care or protection. In some more extreme cases, children could be facing hearing whereby the state places the children elsewhere from their parents because they have been subjected to abuse, neglect or death.

Essentially, the children who need help are facing something that has disrupted their lives in a significant way. However, it is no easy feat to provide the services children and families need.

A $1.6 million grant over four years was recently awarded to the University of Massachusetts Medical School. The Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration provided the grant. This government body aims to provide trauma therapy services for children and youths ages 6 to 18.

This January, the medical school’s newly established Child Trauma Training Center will cooperate with pediatricians and professionals in courts, schools and law enforcement. Their work will be to identify and assess symptoms related to trauma in the area’s youth. With hundreds of mental health clinicians who are trained and certified in cognitive-behavioral therapy, the focus will be trauma.

The problem right now is that families or even the children themselves are seeking these services without any luck. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to increase and improve the access people have to therapeutic services. The parties involved primarily want to give families wholesome trauma treatment sooner rather than later.

Among the target populations are those that are most underserved. That means court-involved youths and children in military families, especially those whose parents might suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. The training center grant will certainly aim to assist young kids who have entered the foster care system— some of which are as young as three and four.


Mark Cartwright of Dallas is a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology among other areas of expertise Mark Cartwright has also been extensively trained in group and individual therapy, crisis intervention, and consultation.

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