Zachary Zaitzeff on Kid’s Food Advertising Spending

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AdvertisingIn a new report, it was found that the amount of money spent on advertising food products for children has been at its lowest in 20 years. Food vendors like Zachary Zaitzeff shed light on what the cause for this could be. 

The Federal Trade Commission released a report Friday indicating that the amount of money spent on children’s food product advertising had dropped almost 20 percent from 2006 to 2009. This means that the amount spent had gone from $2.1 billion to $1.79 billion. The numbers are still at an all-time low in terms of spending.

A lot of the reason for the lower spending is that many companies are switching from more expensive television slots during key hours of broadcast, to less expensive Internet advertising. There wasn’t necessarily a drop in advertising to be found. Zachary Zaitzeff says that the products being advertised were also a lot healthier and had higher nutritional content than in previous years. Children’s food can include cereal makers, fast food, and other products that are more vividly adapted for children.

Online spending and other forms of Internet market have increased by 50 percent according to Zachary Zaitzeff and the Federal Trade Commission. One of the things that remains constant though is the sale of sugary drinks to children. Advertising for drinks with 20 added grams of sugar still remained a large portion of targeted advertising for groups. There is still great concern over childhood obesity that stems from consuming too many high sugar and fat goods aimed toward children. Newer advertising is at least helping to influence parents and children to like things that aren’t as unhealthy for them.

Statistically, 17 percent of children in the United States are obese, which means that they are overweight to the point where health concerns can arise that normally adults would be diagnosed. Additionally, 15 percent of the youth population is overweight, which is still a problem, but less than a health issue than being obese. There have been numerous initiatives by the government and private organizations to get kids who are at risk to be more active every day in order to reduce the near-epidemic nature of obesity.

Zachary Zaitzeff is a former salesman-turned-restaurateur who has a love of good burgers. He also would like to make sure that at-risk children are encouraged to make healthy choices in their diets.

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