Regal Cigs Discusses the Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

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Electronic CigaretteIn the last year or so, there has been a shift in nicotine use that shows that electronic nicotine devices are no longer a fad. Regal Cigs sheds light on why people are choosing electronic cigarettes 

There has been a boom in the popularity of electronic cigarettes and their accessories in the last couple years, and it is driving a change in the industry.

Electronic cigarettes first gained appeal with people who used tobacco because it was a smokeless, odorless way to indulge in the nicotine habit. Regal Cigs notes that there are many brands of electronic cigarettes that have allowed the industry to go beyond being a flash in the pan with the general populace, and now have a legitimate share of the market with nicotine users. Many people have equated the rise in electronic cigarette use to the growth that energy drinks had on the soft drink market in the early 2000’s.

Regal Cigs is well positioned to take advantage of this trend but has a corporate policy not to follow the outdated marketing practices of the tobacco industry.  Tobacco companies are still settling suits from the Master Settlement Agreement, which was put together in response to the advertising and marketing practices that were considered to be directed at minors.  It is important to note that Regal Cigs is not a part or under regulation of the Master Regulation Agreement. Regal Cigs makes it quite clear on its websites, advertising and packaging that their products are not for minors, which is consistent with its corporate policy.

With a number of nicotine users now indulging in electronic cigarettes, there looks like there’s no sign of the products losing popularity. With states and cities regulating where people can indulge in their nicotine habit, the appeal of electronic cigarettes are becoming greater and greater. Many health boards are looking to regulate these products like other nicotine products, but for now there is a bit of freedom for the industry.


Regal Cigs is a manufacturer and seller of electronic cigarettes that are for sale to adults who wish to indulge in their habit. They are quite happy to show that they are an industry that is here to stay.

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