Five Ways To Reduce Your Chances Of Getting Sick This Year

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coughingGetting sick is never fun. Experiencing coughing, wheezing, runny eyes and a runny nose for an extended time period can cause significant distress and suffering. The best way to combat sickness is to take steps to avoid getting sick in the first place. Here are five simple methods to use to reduce your chances of getting sick this year.

Clean Your Hands Regularly

Washing your hands is a simple way to keep yourself healthy. Washing or sanitizing your hands removes germs and bacteria that could be transferred into your body with an unconscious motion. Many infectious diseases are spread by hand-to-hand contact and some germs can live on surfaces for days. Hands should always be washed after any activity that involves coming into contact with bodily substances or handling raw foods. Paying careful attention to under the nails and between the fingers can increase your chances of avoiding illness.

Eat Properly

Proper nutrition is very important to proper health. Eating meals that are heavy in fruits and vegetables and light in salt and fat can provide you with many benefits. Your body will have the fuel it needs to fight off dangerous diseases and clear the body of harmful toxins. A daily multivitamin can be taken to give you any vitamins or minerals you are missing in your daily meals.

Clean Your Interior Air

Interior air can become very polluted if not ventilated properly and cleaned with a good air filter in your HVAC system. Many homes contain smoke from cooking and candles, chemical fumes from cleaning agents, and dust from dust mites and other insects. Breathing in these agents can weaken the lungs and make it easier for you to get sick. A high quality air filter installed in the home’s HVAC system can remove many of these agents from the interior air.

Exercise Often

Your body needs strength to fight off infections that may be trying to invade it. Regular exercise strengths the body and helps blood and oxygen flow to the areas where they are needed. Any physical activity that causes you to sweat and your heart rate to rise counts as exercise. Find things that you enjoy doing, such as swimming or bike riding, so exercising does not seem like a chore.

Clean Food Preparation Surfaces Thoroughly

In many cases, we become sick because food we have eaten has been contaminated by the surface it was prepared on. To avoid illness, it is best to prepare foods on a surface that can be easily cleaned and sanitized, like a cutting board or countertop mat. Foods that are to be cooked should be prepared separately than foods that will be eaten raw to avoid cross contamination.

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