Hydroxycut Offers Tips on Starting a Swimming Workout

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Swimming-workoutWhen starting any sort of workout routine, it’s useful to start small and work your way up. The makers of Hydroxycut, the #1 selling weight loss supplement brand, recommendsetting a goal and working towards it.

You’ve decided to give swimming  a try, after hearing of the number of benefits it has for your weight and muscles. If you’ve never swum before or haven’t been in a pool since you were a kid, it’s important to remember to take things slowly. The team behind the supplement Hydroxycut note that you can’t just hop in the pool and expect to swim 20 laps right away. They note that swimming a mile is a good beginning goal for many new or inexperienced swimmers, though it takes practice.

Swimming a mile isn’t the same as running a mile or bicycling a mile. Since you’re in the water and using more of your muscles, swimming a mile is on par with running 5 kilometers. Interestingly enough, point out the Hydroxycut team, a mile in swimming is actually shorter than a mile on land. A swimmer’s mile is 1650 yards, instead of the usual 1760.

Take things slowly the first few times you get in a pool. One recommendation is to swim 700 yards three times a week for your first week, then add a few hundred yards each week, until you hit the 1650 yard benchmark. For example, in your first week, you might swim  just under half a mile each day.

Try swimming 100 yards four times. Take a rest for 10 to 12 breaths between each length of 100 yards. Then swim 50 yards four times, resting between each length of 50. Finish your workout for the day by swimming four lengths of 25 yards or two lengths of 50 yards, depending on the length of your pool.

The next week, start your workout off by swimming a length of 200 yards, then repeat the 100-50-25 routine. The week after that, swim a length of 400 yards to start, then 200 yards, then 100 yards four times, then 50 yards four times. Continue adding longer lengths to the start of your workout, until you’re finally swimming 1650 yards each time. As you get used to swimming a mile, you can lengthen your workout.


Hydroxycut is the number one weight loss supplement brand in America. When combined with diet and exercise, Hydroxycut can help a person lose weight. The supplement contains the key weight loss ingredients  lady’s mantle extract, wild olive extract, komjin extract  and wild mint extract. Average weight loss with these key ingredients was 20.94 lbs. in one 12-week study and 16.50 lbs. in one 8-week study. All groups followed a calorie-reduced diet.

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