‘Love in Paris’ filming led to child’s death, parents allege

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A popular soap opera in Indonesia is facing a tragic coincidence after a patient with symptoms similar to a character in the show died while “Love in Paris” was filming in the hospital her parents took her to. While the hospital claims to have the permission to do this, Indonesia’s health minister said that simply isn’t true.

Indonesia loves its soap operas, but most of its citizens probably wish this particular one didn’t come to life. “Love in Paris” follows the story of a nine year-old girl that is dying from leukemia. She is projected to die before she turns 20, which makes her speed up her search for a soul mate. Ayu Tria Desiani was a nine year-old girl that suffered from leukemia in real life, and now her parents believe the popular soap opera may have paid a role in her death.

 Child’s Death photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Child’s Death photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Ayu frequented hospitals because of all the treatment she needed to stay healthy. When a blood vessel burst unexpectedly, her parents rushed her to an intensive care unit at the hospital in West Jakarta. She didn’t get the treatments she needed as timely as she should have, her father alleges, because the “Love in Paris” cast was filming an episode in that very wing of the hospital and didn’t stop for the emergency.

Her family believes the crew’s actions of disturbing treatment, filling up the wing with unnecessary personnel and not wearing the proper sterile clothing led to their daughter’s death. A spokesman for the family said the distance from where Ayu was to where the show was shooting was just four beds. She was taken to her bed at 8:30 p.m. and pronounced dead at 2:20 a.m. The show was filming the entire time, the family says.

The hospital disputes the claims, saying Ayu received the correct care she needed promptly and doesn’t believe the “Love in Paris” filming had anything to do with her passing.  Harapan Kita Hospital director Achmad Soebagio said the hospital regularly rents out rooms not used by patients to the soap opera, provided the crew does not film or take pictures of actual patients and does not disturb those receiving medical treatment. The country’s health minister said the filming never should have been allowed, saying active intensive care units cannot legally be used as sets.

The health minister said the situation will be investigated and punishments will be handed down if it is found that the filming of the show contributed to Ayu’s death in one way or another.

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