Geneen Stuart on Facebook Founder Donating $500 Million to Charity

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charityMark Zuckerberg has announced that he will be donating a large amount of company stock to charity. Geneen Stuart is happy to hear that money is being invested in those less fortunate. 

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced that he will be donating $500 million of company stock to charities that promote education and healthcare. This is the largest donation Zuckerberg has made since the company went public this year.

Geneen Stuart says that the money will be initially donated to a nonprofit organization known as the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The organization is responsible for helping donors find charities that are in line with their interests. In Zuckerberg’s case, they will help to find charities that are in line with helping toward his goals of promoting education and health initiatives.

The donation would be the biggest donation that Mark Zuckerberg has ever made. Previously, the largest was $100 million donation for public schools in New Jersey. That was before Facebook went public, however. Geneen Stuart knows the value of charity and applauds the Facebook CEO for donating a large portion of money to those who are less fortunate. He also signed on for The Giving Pledge, which was formed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. The Giving Pledge is a drive for wealthy individuals to share a large amount of their wealth with charities or other philanthropies.

News of giving usually comes in heavily this time of year. It is good to see a person whose wealth has accumulated greatly in a short period of time choose to donate to something that benefits others. It is the wish of the members of The Giving Pledge and Geneen Stuart that everyone should consider giving what he or she can to charity, even if they aren’t very wealthy. Every little bit counts, especially at this time of year when there is a lot of focus on holiday spirit. Make sure to show some support to the charity of your choice this season, and year round.

Geneen Stuart is a human resources professional and giver to charity. She believes in giving every person the opportunity to live well by his or her means or with help. 

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