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Home-GymThe makers of Hydroxycut promote balanced diets and exercise. Without the proper equipment, exercising right is impossible. Below is a breakdown of the five best home gym items to invest in.

Budgetary issues prevent many people from joining a gym. Whether your gym options are too costly or too far away, investing in a home gym can save you money and gas mileage over time. Check out the Hydroxycut team’s breakdown of the top 5 home gym items so you can start working out at home today.

  1. Resistance bands. Quite inexpensive and offering a wide range of weight training, resistance bands are a great start to a home gym. Resistance bands work by providing tension training to your muscles. Unlike free weights you pull resistance bands against the weight of your own body to make them effective. Like free weights, you can purchase resistance bands with different increments of weight resistance in pounds (e.g. 15 to 120 lbs).
  1. Kettlebells. Kettlebells resemble bowling balls with a handle. They range in size and weight and can be used for numerous exercises. Kettlebells are used for strength workouts, but because their design causes the center of gravity to shift within the kettlebell it gives a more dynamic cardio workout. Determining the right weight is up to you, but more than one kettlebell at varying weights in your home gym is a good idea for cross-training.
  1. Swissball. You can find a Swiss ball in nearly every sporting good store. It looks like a large beach ball, although they vary in size and color. Swiss balls are great for stabilizing sit ups, stretching, and a wide range of physical activities. Swiss balls also usually come with a workout guide. When determining what size, you should pick a ball based on your height. Height parameters can be found on the packaging for most Swiss balls. Another plus, they are very inexpensive! You can expect to pay around $30.
  1. DVD Player/TV. It sounds strange, but if you subscribe to a major cable network, or you own a DVD player you’ve won half the battle. Many cable providers offer channels with extensive exercise programs by re-knowned fitness trainers. If you want to get in some invigorating yoga, or a cardio workout you have a plethora of options at your fingertips. Many fitness programs are available on DVD now as well. So, you can set up your home gym to include a TV and mix up your workout.
  1. Treadmill/Elliptical. Okay, so this is a big ticket item. But imagine how much money you could save over time? Most sturdy pieces of machinery come with a warrantee and can last years. Many good machines cost anywhere from $1,000-$1,500. Many sporting good stores and retailers cut prices in the summer months when people choose to hit the trails and run outside. Investing in a great calorie burning machine now, could save you thousands of dollars in gym costs in the future.



Hydroxycut is a dietary supplement meant to enhance your diet and exercise routine. 

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