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weight posted an article with a couple of tips from TV personality and trainer Jillian Michaels. Scott Studenmund, a physician who specializes in helping women lose weight, agrees that the number one issue is calories.

Jillian Michaels is notorious for not letting competitors on “The Biggest Loser” give up. Now, when it comes to a New Year’s resolution of dropping some weight, she’s keeping the pressure on. specifically asked Michaels about women over 40 who tend to get caught in a rut of losing anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds, only to see it come back a few months later. The biggest problem Michaels sees is a significant misunderstanding of the way calories work.

In order to lose weight, there needs to be a caloric deficiency. In order to lose weight, a person has to eat less calories than they burn in a day, effectively burning fat. Otherwise, calories will be stored as fat.

Scott Studenmund helps women understand weight loss and agrees that calories can be what hold people up when losing weight. Many may say it doesn’t seem to be possible to eat less calories than they burn, especially if they aren’t fans of working out. But everything we do in life has us burning calories, Scott Studenmund says. Burning calories includes that walk from the parking garage to work each morning and back in the afternoon. Taking the family dog for a brisk, 30-minute walk can also chew off a lot of additional calories.

Michaels says the main thing she tells people to remember is eating high-calorie foods with a higher fat content will lead to either gaining weight or keeping weight on. It’s just that simple.

She also says there’s no reason to stay away from those favorite foods for good. If a certain pasta dish looks tasty, make sure to take an extra walk that day. If eating those high-calorie foods is balanced with a fat-burning workout, then that’s just fine.

Scott Studenmund also echoes Michaels’ call to stay away from the so-called fad diets. They’re so tantalizing in midlife because that’s when people are bouncing between weights the most, but she and Scott Studenmund both agree to sticking to counting calories.

Michaels says it doesn’t take a professional to figure out what works best. She explains if people eat healthier and find a physical activity that’s fun and doesn’t feel like a chore, that can lead to weight loss for people of any age.

Scott Studenmund is a well-respected physician that specializes in weight loss in women. 

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