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TechnologyFrom PLAs to remarketing, e-commerce expert Scott Smigler thinks 2013 will be an innovative year. The strategy experts at are inclined to agree.

Reading e-commerce expert Scott Smigler’s annual predictions is a must for’s strategy experts. Scott’s insights are consistently thought provoking and provide valuable insights for affiliate marketers.

This is the year that Microsoft will finally reinvent itself, Scott predicts. What other Internet advertising trends can the world expect in 2013?

• Product listing ads will dominate Google and Amazon.

Now that high-speed Internet has penetrated into so many American homes, online marketers can jazz up their offerings some.

Product listing ads, or PLAs, are a new spin on the conventional keyword-based search ad. They permit businesses to incorporate richer content like graphics, prices and merchants’ names into search ads. They don’t require the additional purchase of keywords, however.

Google and Amazon are poised to dominate this market, says Scott. MyAdminSpace experts agree. Microsoft will begin developing a PLA product for use within its own online Bing shopping channel.

• Google will go back to remarketing.

Remarketing continues your promotional messages after prospective customers have left your website if they stay within your advertising partner’s network. The advantage here is that your relationship with prospective customers continues even when they’re not on your website.

Purchase is frequently a matter of timing. Prospective customers may have appreciated your product or service, but it just wasn’t the right time for them to buy. With remarketing, your products and services never slip out of sight or mind.

So far, Google has been the reigning monarch of remarketing. Scott believes Microsoft will catch up with them in 2013. The MyAdminSpace experts agree. After all, Microsoft has struggled mightily in the e-commerce field over the past few years. Microsoft needs a strategy that will help it regain its ascendancy. Remarketing might well be that strategy.

• Yahoo will debut cost-per-action ads.

In 2012, Yahoo debuted a new format for search ads called cost-per-lead. Cost-per-action is a more universal form of cost-per-lead.

Cost-per-lead ads were the brainchild of dynamic new CEO Marissa Mayer. As their name suggests, cost-per-lead ads are specifically designed to generate advertising leads.

• Facebook will create a successful shopping network by leveraging personalization.

So far, Facebook has not been able to come up with a way to monetize its offerings. One problem is that Facebook users don’t envision themselves as potential customers. Another is that Facebook ads aren’t as utilitarian as the traditional click-through ads.

In 2012, though, Facebook started a service that allows people to send gifts to friends on their birthdays. This e-commerce strategy has proved to be quite promising. Of course, birthdays could only be the start. Facebook collects information on every kind of significant milestone from wedding anniversaries to users’ dogs’ birthdays! “Facebook will utilize its social graph to show buyers which items are the most popular choices for different types of recipients,” Scott Smigler predicts. This could put a totally new spin on e-commerce. provides customers with the tools and strategies they need to establish their own successful affiliate marketing businesses. The company has something for you whether you’re looking for supplemental income or to replace your work income entirely.

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