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T-Mobile G2X Android 2.2 HandsetPopular online auction website eBay has announced that it will pull the plug on mobile device advertising next year. Engage BDR First Impression looks into why the company decided on this move.


Online auction giant, eBay, has announced that it will cease to advertise on mobile device applications come 2013. After experimenting with small advertisements in their mobile application, it was found that the experience was unpleasant and the ads cluttered the screen space.


In a press statement, the president of global marketplaces for eBay said that while the company likes mobile technology, they didn’t like mobile advertising. They even went as far as to say that the user experience wasn’t as good and that they didn’t need the money. Engage BDR First Impression knows that removing mobile advertising from applications can result in loss of a good source of income. The spokespeople at eBay have decided that they are fine enough without the money, saying that it was not a significant amount worth worrying about.


Some advertising and marketing experts have seen the announcement as a wakeup call to other companies with mobile applications for smart phones. If the aesthetic was enough to disturb users to the point of removal, what will social media websites, who see a good portion of their traffic on smart phones anymore, do when it has been proven that mobile revenue will need to be seen from other places? These are important questions that will need to be answered by companies like Engage BDR First Impression.


There will most likely be a new way of being able to collect ad revenue for mobile devices. Though seen as a nuisance, mobile games like ‘Words With Friends’ have triggers in their programming to launch a bump after a play is made that shows a still advertisement or video for about 15 seconds before the user is allowed to navigate back to the game. If a user wants to remove ads, they simply pay for an ad-free version. The application price is only $0.99 at the minimum, and usually don’t go more expensive than a couple of dollars. This is incentive that many users have embraced.


Engage BDR First Impression is an advertising solutions group that allows for real-time bidding. They know the importance of being able to reach their markets in the necessity to collect ad revenue, but can understand when it can be intrusive to users.


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