Lex Kogan, Ibogaine Counselor, on the Dangers of Relapse

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Dangers of RelapseLex Kogan, Ibogaine therapist, examines the dangers of quitting drugs without the proper treatment and describes the benefits of Ibogaine therapy.

Scott Sterling, the 32-year-old son of L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, was found dead in his apartment just a few nights after New Year’s Eve. He reportedly died alone, as friends and family had not heard from Scott for a couple of days. Although the L.A. County Sheriff’s Office is still waiting on the autopsy reports, police said that the cause of death was most likely a drug overdose.

According to therapist Lex Kogan,Ibogaine counselor, holidays, birthdays and other significant dates are often used by addicts as markers for when they will stop using drugs. This often leads to relapse if users do not engage in the treatment that is necessary to actually conquer the disease of drug addiction. What’s more, to celebrate their “last time” using, addicts tend to use drugs the day or night of the artificial marker.

Without going through the process of professional treatment, efforts to stop using can increase the fatal nature of relapse. If an addict abruptly stops using without treatment, cravings will often linger and build up. When the relapse occurs, the unchecked craving can lead the addict to use drugs more excessively than before. Moreover, tolerance goes down when an addict stops using for a few weeks. Low tolerance can more easily result in an overdose, even if the addict goes back to using the same dose of drugs as before.

Because conventional drug treatment is often very expensive and time consuming, many addicts try to quit without any treatment at all. But for reasons described above, this is extremely dangerous. As a way to avoid the high cost of drug treatment, more and more people are turning to natural and herbal alternatives.

Ibogaine, which is derived from the iboga plant of Western Africa, is an alternative form of drug treatment that stands out from the rest. Ibogaine therapy offers addicts a natural drug treatment which is not only very affordable, but high quality. As noted by Lex Kogan, the iboga plant’s unique ability to mimic the effects of certain opiates gives addicts the opportunity to battle the their drug addictions without slipping into relapse. Ingesting ibogaine just once keeps removes cravings for up to six months!


Lex Kogan, Ibogaine therapist, developed a groundbreaking form of drug treatment known as Ibogaine therapy. Derived from the ancient and powerful Iboga plant in West Africa, Ibogaine is completely natural, very affordable, and usually only needs to be taken once in order to eliminate withdrawal symptoms. 

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