Lance Armstrong admits to Oprah he used PEDs

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Lance ArmstrongLance Armstrong won seven Tour de France cycling titles in his illustrious career. After denying for years his use of performance enhancing drugs and having his titles stripped, he finally opened up to Oprah about cheating.

Before Lance Armstrong admitted he cheated, he had something to do.

First, he had to apologize to some of the most important people that he lied to: those inside his Livestrong organization.

It’s hard to say that Lance Armstrong is a bad person considering what he’s done for cancer through the Livestrong program. However, he took the final fall from grace Monday when he admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he used performance enhancing drugs over the course of his career.

The interview, which lasted for more than two hours, will air Thursday on Oprah’s network. It is believed the interview will be shown in two parts due to its length.

The confession is surprising, but not for the reasons it should be. Many have believed that Lance Armstrong doped after returning so strongly from his cancer treatments. He won seven Tour de France titles and easily became the world’s most popular cyclist. His confession shocked many because he staunchly rejected accusations of doping, seemingly to protect not just his image but everything he created with Livestrong.

Those inside the Livestrong meeting say Armstrong’s 20-minute speech was heartfelt and emotional, but he stopped short of completely admitting his use of drugs. Armstrong apparently urged those in attendance to continue with the goals of the Livestrong foundation, which are to help those with cancer and their families.

The United States Anti-Doping Agency said the drug regimen that Lance Armstrong and his team used is one of the most sophisticated in the history of the sport, which says a lot as cycling often has doping issues arise.

Now, Lance Armstrong has another battle on his hands. He’s likely to face lawsuits from not just opponents but sponsors, all seeking to get back money they gave to him to support what seemed to be a once-in-a-lifetime career. Most notably, the United States Postal Service gave Armstrong millions of dollars. Recouping some or all of that money could help ease some of the debt the USPS has been swimming in for years. Armstrong’s former teammate Floyd Landis has already filed a suit alleging Armstrong defrauded the postal service as he lied about his doping.

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