Advanced Veterinary Care on the USDA Loan Repayment Program

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Repayment ProgramLike any other medical practice or higher education, veterinarians face a large amount of debt when they leave veterinary school. Advanced Veterinary Care is happy to hear that the USDA is giving incentive to recent grads to go to understaffed areas of the country to practice their medicine.

The United States Department of Agriculture announced Friday that they would be providing awards in the form of loan repayment to veterinarians who are willing to go to rural parts of the nation to practice their medicine. The amount of money being given is $4.6 million and will be available to those who will benefit areas where they can’t afford to pay the same amount of salary to a veterinarian that a more urban practice normally could.

There are a lot of places in the United States that don’t have proper veterinary care readily available, and Advanced Veterinary Care wants to encourage doctors fresh out of school to take advantage of the incentive that the USDA is offering. Veterinary school can cost over $150,000 over the four years of training that is required to become a practicing doctor. This cost has brought about a shortage of veterinarians in the field, which is another cause for better veterinary services in rural America.

In order to take full advantage of the USDA’s program, the candidate must serve in their area for three years and have attended an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited school. The awards granted to recipients will cover the principal loan and interest of government and some commercial loans. Any other types of loans used toward schooling will still be the responsibility of the doctor. Advanced Veterinary Care knows that many veterinarians are more enticed by suburban and urban practices due to their higher rate of pay. The USDA awards will go to help provide a win-win situation for both recent graduates and smaller towns.

Some of the places of service that participants will be required to serve in include; direct animal practices, food science, medicine, and public practice. Recipients of the loan repayments are either straight out of veterinary school, or only up to three years out of school.

Advanced Veterinary Care provides resources for veterinarians, their patients, and their patients’ owners that aren’t readily available in a common practice. They are glad to know that the government wants to help communities in need and the veterinarians that service those communities.

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