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Art ProjectThe United States certainly loves to barbecue meats of various types and sizes, and one art student wants people to be informed of what states produce their delicious meals. Capital Meats explains this unique and informative project that is being put on display.

A New York University art student has created a delicious looking and informative way of showing viewers how much beef is produced in the top states for the industry, by making state-shaped steaks wrapped in Styrofoam and cellophane much like their normal looking counterparts.

Beef Stakes, created by graduate student Sarah Hallacher, is designed to provide handy, visually unique, facts about the top four beef producers in the United States. Her goal was to inform people while allowing them to handle the project and be entertained. The top four beef producing states are Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa, so the steaks are shaped according to the borders of the state.

Capital Meats says that the artful steaks are not made of real meat, but rather red and white clay that is swirled together to imitate the fat marbling found in high quality cuts of meat. Hallacher says that she chose Styrofoam and cellophane packaging because it is the most familiar thing to people who are looking in the meat aisle of the grocery store. The “meat” is not only shaped to the contours of the state, but also sized in accordance to the rank it holds in production. This means that Nebraska would be the largest cut of the steaks, while Texas is much smaller.

Viewers of the exhibit are encouraged to interact with the choice cuts, as they have labels that are printed to look like they are the weight, price, and handling instructions one would see on a real piece of meat. They instead have interesting facts about the beef produced in that state. Capital Meats thinks this is a fun way for people to know where their beef comes from and how it helps the American economy. Capital Meats also mentions that this is another great example of how meat is becoming a very trendy art genre, along the lines of Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

Capital Meats is a family-owned meat distribution business from Winchester, Virginia. They sell a variety of high quality meats that are flash frozen and vacuum sealed for customer convenience. 

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