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Model recently reported that retailers are embracing the idea of a rewards program that can give consumers deals, coupons and points put toward other purchases. While reward programs are typically pigeonholed to one company, takes it one step further.

Every store has a reward card these days. Whether it’s simply saving customers money instantly, storing coupons or helping them build up points toward another purchase, the idea of the reward card has become almost second nature while shopping. quotes as saying reward cards are going to be a hot trend for the new year. Back in July, a poll taken in Atlanta by Polaris Marketing Research Inc. found that 70 percent of Americans belong to at least one loyalty program. Of that 70 percent, 32 percent of them are members of five or more loyalty programs.

Reward programs are nothing new, the article states. The earliest programs would reward consumers with stamps at the grocery store, and slowly progressed to the idea of giving airline miles and having a shopping section entirely dedicated to reward members like

George Dietz, a marketing professor in Memphis, says the information people are willing to give up such as email, address and phone number is worth it when it comes to savings, particularly in these tough economic times.

That’s why is so successful. The concept for is easy: Enroll into its program and receive a prepaid card that the consumer loads with its own money so there’s no fear of overages, and spend. For every dollar loaded, the consumer receives one Reward Point. Those Reward Points can then be spent in the online Rewards Mall, which has over 80,000 products to choose from. Those products can come at deep discounts when using Reward Points. Members can redeem up to 1,000 Reward Points each month. even has a discount benefits program, which can help save consumers up to 50 percent at some of their favorite restaurants and shops.

People should plan on getting swamped by reward programs at the retail level in 2013. The ability to track sales is a huge plus for companies, who can then find out what to market to specific consumers. While retail reward cards are nice, those extra savings and points can be doubled by using the prepaid debit card from, which promotes the ability to save while spending. strives to help save consumers money while spending on what they need the most.

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