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Women-and-Herbal-RemediesA new study has been released about the effects of certain herbal remedies helping women going through menopause. The Dherbs team talks about the ways in which this study can help women who experience the more severe symptoms of menopause.

 A study has been published this month about the benefits of taking herbal supplements to assist with the symptoms of menopause versus the negative effects that can come with hormone replacement therapy.

The experts at Dherbs notes that alleviating the more common symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, are not the only reasons that taking an herbal supplement may be better than hormone replacement therapy. There has been evidence that hormone replacement therapy can also increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer in some. The therapy is usually performed due to the loss of estrogen that can occur during menopause. This estrogen loss can also have negative health effects that warrant the need for hormone replacement, which leads to a bit of a catch-22.

Through the use of herbal supplements such as red clover, soy, and black cohosh, and a change in habits, a proper balance can be restored and help alleviate hot flashes and hormone loss. Dherbs professionals say that these herbal supplements are recommended due to their high estrogen content, like in red clover and soy. Experts also say that constant exercise, particularly aerobic exercises like running, can help to improve mood and hygiene. Behavior modification such as quitting smoking, being in colder temperatures, and dressing in layers is also recommended by the doctors who preside over the journal that published the study.

Herbal remedies can be a safe alternative to hormone replacement therapy due to the side effects mentioned above. Many people have also started to explore the world of holistic and alternative medicines because of their benefits and lack of dependency on artificial chemistry. There are arguments for and against alternative medicine, but people have shown that it works. If the thought of having a risky procedure like hormone therapy is an unnerving option, now there is a viable alternative that is being endorsed by studies.

Dherbs provides a wide range of herbal supplements to help people live a healthier, natural, life through remedies that come from nature. They are glad to see news of herbal supplements being made useful to help with a common phase in the life of a woman.

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