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Business trains people from across the country on the ins and outs of ecommerce. Every new tip is an interest to the company so they can stay on top of their industry.


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Web Tips photo courtesy of Shutterstock is a leading ecommerce training agency. They help everyday people become masterminds of ecommerce and affiliate functions. After completing their comprehensive program, users are ready for a position with an online employer, or to start their own web endeavor.

However, they continue to witness several key mistakes made on websites. These issues range from large to relatively small. However, even the slightest fault can be enough to turn someone away from your site, and therefore your business. If people can’t navigate your site, or easily reach the product they want, be certain that they will find an identical option elsewhere.

Thanks to recent studies and reports, some of the most common problems have been catalogued. These issues and more are now taught along with the traditional ecommerce training regimen. Here are just a few of the most commonly reported issues.


Structuring a URL: Not every person who reaches your site will be a whiz at the web. Maintaining a simple URL will ensure that users remember what site they are on, and how to get back. Instead of having your product listed as a ridiculous number of digits and characters, keep it labeled as the product in question, with as few pieces of info between that and the site’s name.


Include in-depth sub-descriptions: Completing sub-descriptions, titles and headings will give your site more opportunities to be noticed by search engines. Take this advantage and put it in your pocket as more and more people discover your product every day.


Title your images: Anyone searching for images will find your product as well. They may just be looking for an example or sample product. But this means they will be inspired by your line instead of a stock photo or competitor’s brand.


User-generated input: People feel welcome when they can post on a big company’s site. It makes them feel important to review and comment on your product. Also, the people who buy directly from your site are most likely loyal shoppers. This eliminates some risk of negative reviews. Those will be found on mass-retail sites, if at all.


You may have noticed that many of these tips are concerned with your business’s name and product names. All of these tips relate to SEO, the name of the game in the internet industry. If people can’t find you online, you won’t be doing business. As well as the effort you put into advertising, you need to invest effort in people coming across your site with ease. is a leader in the ecommerce training industry. They host classes online so that people all over the country can learn beneficial information about ecommerce

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