Should You Get a Flu Shot?

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Every year, flu season strikes hard in certain parts of the country and leads to an increase in flu shots. For many people, getting a flu shot in the fall is just par for the course like a yearly tradition. However, many other people regularly opt out of getting their flu shot for personal health and religious reasons. No matter what side of this debate you’re on, there are definitely some important points to take into consideration on both sides. As the argument over flu shots continues, it’s important for you to be educated on the various arguments involved here.


Are Flu Shots Necessary?



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To put it bluntly, the truth is that the flu shot is not necessary for most people. The Centers for Disease Control report that there are has been a maximum of 3,000 deaths per year from flu. This is a maximum, and the toll per year is generally much lower than this large number. The majority of people who die from the flu every year are elderly citizens and the rest are newborn children. People with compromised immune systems, auto-immune diseases or poor overall health are also at risk of death from the flu.

However, for the vast majority of people around the country, the flu is nothing more than an uncomfortable and annoying yearly nuisance. Some people go the entire flu season without getting the flu, while others are a little more prone to infection. It’s important to note that every time you get the flu, your immune system has to fight it off alone. When your immune system is given the opportunity to fight off a virus, it ends up becoming much stronger. There is even scientific evidence to support the possibility that the flu can actually make your body stronger over time.


What are the Benefits of a Flu Shot?

When you get a flu shot, you are giving yourself the flu. Flu shots contain a dose of whatever strain of flu Federal scientists believe is going to hit that year. It’s really nothing more than an estimate, and it’s based off of the best available data at the time. When you get a flu shot, you are simply deciding when you are going to be getting the flu that season. After your body fights the weaker virus off, it will develop antibodies that make you less susceptible to full-blown infection.


It’s Up to You

The truth is that it’s not really necessary to get a flu shot for health. In some cases, getting a flu shot can help make you less susceptible to getting a full-blown influenza infection. However, you won’t get the immune-system development and boost that would have come with fighting off that yearly flu infection. This is a personal decision that should be made by each individual according to his or her own body needs. While the flu shot may make the season go smoother for you, the fact is that it’s not very necessary.


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