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Many people take steps to make their home as germ-free as possible. Have you done the same thing in your workplace?

  Germ-free photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Germ-free photo courtesy of Shutterstock

If you were to take a microscope to your office phone or the copier, you would likely find tens of thousands of germs in a single square inch. Your mouse and keyboard are probably even worse. Do you know if your office trash can has ever been disinfected?


More than likely it has not. Think about the break room and bathrooms. They might have had disinfectant used in cleaning, but what about in between?


All of these areas have the potential of harboring germs that spread colds, flu, and other nasty stuff.




So, what can you do to make your workplace as germ-free as possible?


  • Have a bottle of hand sanitizer handy at your desk and wash your hands in the bathroom. This will help keep your hands as germ-free as possible throughout the day.


  • Keep your own stash of office supplies if allowable. These are for your sole use only so you do not have to pick up a pen used by someone else. You might request that your office invest in supplies made with anti-microbial materials.


  • Bring a can of disinfectant to work for your trash can and hard surfaces. Spray things down last thing on a Friday so the smell won’t bother anyone but it can do the work it needs to do. Sanitizing wipes are good for cleaning phones and smaller items.


  • Ask if you can use an air purifier at your desk. You can find some on the market for less than $100. It can remove and neutralize air-borne micro-organisms.


  • Stay away from sick co-workers. Hopefully, your office encourages sick people to stay at home. However, the dedicated ones will come in anyway. Avoid them like the plague.


  • Request that your office manager provide hand sanitizers at the receptionist desks and in public areas to encourage visitors and other employees to stay germ-free as well.

What Else Do You Need to Know About Staying Germ-Free?


Unless you are a business owner or an office manager, you can only control yourself and your immediate workspace. Taking simple steps like those described above will go a long way to keeping your workplace germ-free.
Remember that you need to keep these efforts up no matter what time of year it is. The proverbial summer cold can hit anyone at any time. And despite rumors to the contrary, the flu can hit any time of year, not just during the winter. Get into a routine of keeping your work area clean and germ-free year round. It will pay off with fewer sick days and less illness for you and your co-workers.





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