Conrad Dimanche on Rumors of Outkast Reunion

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A remix a recent Frank Ocean song featuring Andre 3000, one half of Outkast, surfaced with other member Big Boi added in, spurring questions of a reunion. Conrad Dimanche talks about the interview held with Andre 3000 regarding the story.


In a recent interview with Spin Magazine, Outkast member Andre 3000 dispelled rumors that he and Big Boi would be reuniting anytime soon as their old group.


The confusion came as Andre 3000 had collaborated with Frank Ocean on the track ‘Pink Matter’; then a remix was released, with a verse by Big Boi superimposed into the track, just last week. Andre 3000 released a statement apologizing for any confusion among Outkast fans because of the track. He did not know that Big Boi would be involved with the project until after his work was finished.


  Outkast photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Outkast photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Conrad Dimanche can attest that there are a lot of people who want to see a revival of the Atlanta-based duo, who helped to shape Atlanta as a legitimate rap and hip hop city. Many people unfamiliar with their work know the song, ‘Hey Ya!’, which was named the 20th most successful song of the 2000’s according to Billboard. They enjoyed success with their albums Stankonia and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. They went on indefinite hiatus in 2007, and have since pursued solo ventures.


The ‘Pink Matter’ remix is the first time that both members of Outkast have appeared in the same song since their hiatus, which is why many speculated a return. Andre 3000 has since squashed that notion saying that he did not want to disappoint his fans, but it didn’t mean an Outkast reunion in any future. Conrad Dimanche says that Big Boi didn’t help with keeping rumors down by saying that he would be working on a T.I. track that Andre was already featured in.


In the interview, Andre 3000 said that he still gets nonstop questions about the future of Outkast. As of late, Andre 3000 has been working solo and also enjoying a slight acting career, with credits in movies such as Four Brothers and Semi-Pro.


Conrad Dimarche is the senior A&R director at Bad Boy Records. He knows that Outkast had a big effect on hip-hop and would love to see them return when the time is right. 



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