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An avid lover of literature and reading, Deep Mukherjee, often finds himself immersed in his favorite books. He believes that reading improves quality of life. Here are 5 things that reading can improve.


Reading is starting to become a thing of the past. Movies and digital media dominate now, and actually buying a book and flipping pages is passé. Tablets and mobile phones have replaced pages, and bindings. The reading experience has changed. But lover of literature, Deep Mukherjee, believes that reading is fundamental for intellectual function.


Children may be required to read for school, but adults don’t have anyone instructing them to open a book. Deep Mukherjee is an avid reader and he outlines 5 reasons why adults should take a hint from their kids and pick up a new book.



Vocabulary Improvement

  Deep Mukherjee photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Deep Mukherjee photo courtesy of Shutterstock

If it’s been a while since your last grammar lesson, grab your nearest book and start to read. Grammar and vocabulary rules are inherent and the more you read the better idea you’ll have of where words fit. Context clues show you how and when to use a word. Furthermore, books show you how to properly construct a sentence. If you read a challenging book, make a list of the words you don’t know and look them up. Note how they were used in a sentence and try using them that way yourself.



Memory Improvement

There are a lot of studies that show that memory lasts as long as you use it. Crossword puzzles and other word games improve memory and keep it sharp over time. Reading is a kind of memory game as it forces you to remember facts, details, plots, character names, and timelines. It’s as if you’re watching a movie in your mind. But unlike watching a movie, you use your mind to create the images and facts from the book you read.



Portable Entertainment

Books can be read anywhere! That’s the great thing about them. Unlike TV, Movies, and computer games, a real book doesn’t need chargers or batteries. You can just pick it up and start reading. Most books are small and portable. As an avid traveler and reader Deep Mukherjee suggests taking your favorite book with you on a trip to remind you of home.



Intellectual Improvement

Books are filled with facts. Whether it’s a biography, book about nature, or a work of fiction, they are filled with information. According to research done by Anne E. Cunningham, general reading makes one smarter. It improves GPA’s in high school and college students. Reading also adds to a general pool of knowledge.



Stress Reduction

Reading opens the doors of worlds to which we’ve never been. It even opens the door to world’s that don’t exist. It expands our minds and allows us a break from our realities. Reading your favorite book before bed instead of watching TV has been shown to produce a better night’s rest.


Deep Mukherjee believes in the power of reading to improve one’s quality of life and to make them more knowledgeable about the world around them.


Deep Mukherjee is a well rounded member of his community. World traveler, music and literature lover, he donates his time to multiple foundations and is an advocate for his fellow man. 


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