Morris Gad Explains How to Pick Out a Diamond and Setting

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Engagement RingsAn article on explains how one Los Angeles retailer is helping men pick out a diamond with an infographic to help show the different types of engagement rings. Morris Gad says there are four important things to note while picking out a diamond.

Los Angeles based jeweler King of Jewelry know most men don’t know the first thing about picking out a great engagement ring for their future bride. That’s why they’ve provided an infographic on their website that’s also posted in their store to help men tell the difference between the choices. King of Jewelry also gave a few suggestions to

First, it’s not so important for a buyer to stick to the traditional thought of spending two months of salary on the engagement ring. Nowadays, there are nice options at every price, so no firm amount is necessary anymore. In addition, most jewelers will offer payment plans which makes it even easier for every guy to get what they need.

Another thing to be aware of is the setting. This comes down to the kind of lady that will be getting the ring. A simple woman with standard tastes may just want a solitaire setting. Some women who are in love with the designer look may like King of Jewelry’s channel setting, and those looking for something flashy would like the halo setting. All of this is outlined on the infographic.

While King of Jewelry focuses on the setting of the diamond, Morris Gad says focusing on the diamond is the most important part. There are four C’s to pay attention to when picking out a diamond: carat, clarity, color and cut.

Carat isn’t the actual size of the diamond, like most people think. It actually is the weight of the stone. Carat with a “c” is different than karat with a “k.” Karat relates to the purity of gold jewelry.

Clarity comes down to a grading scale. Most jewelers, like Morris Gad, use the scale provided by the Gemological Institute of America which has nine different levels ranging from a third-level grading to flawless.

The Gemological Institute of America also has ratings for color as well. Some may prefer a little color while others prefer ones that are completely colorless or nearly colorless.

Cut is one of the most important since there are so many different choices. Again, this can depend on the kind of woman. Whether it’s a standard cut, a heart cut, an emerald cut or one of the many other designs, King of Jewelry lays it out in their info graphic.

Morris Gad of Diamonds International is not just a businessman but also a philanthropist involved with multiple charities worldwide.

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