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A article recently looked at whether the most popular Super Bowl ads win awards from year to year at advertising award shows. Market Tech Media says winning an award doesn’t make a Super Bowl ad successful, and companies are basically losing out without one.



Super Bowl ads have always been popular. But for the past 15 years, ever since the internet came on the scene for everyone, they’ve been taken to another level. It’s no longer good enough to have just one funny commercial – there needs to be ad campaigns about the ad campaigns and tons of viral marketing for that money spent to pay off. So far, Budweiser, Taco Bell, Mars and Mercedes-Benz have all put some sort of money toward marketing for their ads.


 Superbowl photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Superbowl photo courtesy of Shutterstock

The ads never get cheaper, either. This year, it is estimated that CBS is charging companies anywhere from $3.5 million to $4 million for each 30-second ad block. This Super Bowl will also feature the most ads of any previous Super Bowl, with the amount hovering around 48 minutes of total ad time.


But just because a Super Bowl ad is popular with the masses on Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t mean it rates high with critics, an article on says. The article looked into six of the major advertising award shows last year, and the results were surprising considering all the money that goes into these ads.


Kia’s “Dream Car for the Real World” was the only to pick up a goal and Chrysler’s big ad featuring Clint Eastwood titled “It’s Halftime in America” earned a silver medal at one show. Volkswagen’s ad about a dog chasing a car featuring the famous Darth Vader kid from the year before got a couple of nods here and there, but that was it.


While awards for the ads would be great, Market Tech Media says they aren’t really important. Watching Super Bowl commercials has become just as big as watching the game itself. Market Tech Media says companies are losing out if they allow their competitors to have all the air time with millions and millions watching around the world. There are plenty of places to watch the commercials online as well, and there’s a ton of value in having a fan-favorite hit that goes viral across social media.


Market Tech Media specializes in the field of in-store advertising. Their practices include placing advertisements in shopping carts and on register tape.



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