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An article on VirginIslandDailyNews.com spoke to a woman in St. Croix who recently helped pass new motorcycle laws in order to keep riders safe. Michael Gopin, who deals with personal injury cases, says people on motorcycles must take extra care while on the road.


Cherene Williams-Walters lost her husband, her brother and a few friends in the tight-knit motorcycle community of St. Croix in a number of motorcycle accidents over the past years. But her love of bikes has gone unshaken, and she knows many others will ride daily regardless of the accidents. That is why she helped in the development of the Motorcycle Education Act, which was recently put into law, ViriginIslandDailyNews.com reports.


 Safe Motorcycle Use photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Safe Motorcycle Use photo courtesy of Shutterstock

She has been riding motorcycles since she was a teenager and loves the thrill of feeling her ponytail whipping in the wind from under her helmet. She fell in love with a man who also loved motorcycles, and the two would ride both together and on separate bikes all the time. Unfortunately for Williams-Walters, her husband was involved in a fatal crash in 2007. One year later, her brother lost his life not too far from where her husband was killed. None of the other drivers involved in those crashes were found negligent, police reports stated.


She started working on the Motorcycle Education Act alongside the director of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles Jerris Brown and other community members. The act was finished in 2009 and was recently signed into law. But tragedy has struck in recent months for Williams-Walters again when her cousin and two others died in December while on their motorcycles.


Michael Gopin is a well-respected lawyer from the El Paso, Texas area. He regularly handles personal injury cases but offers advice to people who ride motorcycles in the hopes that he never has to take their case. Michael Gopin says two of the most important things motorcycle riders can do is obey the speed limit and act as if no one else can see the motorcycle. The rush of adrenalin that comes from riding a bike can be hard to ignore, but it is important to stay with the flow of traffic and not weave in and out of cars. It is also a good idea to stay directly behind cars, since motorcycles are small and can easily slip into blind spots. Drivers are not always looking for motorcycles and could easily miss one, resulting in tragedy.


Michael Gopin passed the bar exam in Texas in 1987. Since then, he has helped many clients with both personal and work-related issues.




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