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The California city of San Bernardino has approved a plan to manage their bankruptcy and operate more effectively. Bankruptcy attorneys like KEL Attorneys can help explain what they’ve done.


The city of San Bernardino, California has approved an austerity plan in order to manage their bankruptcy. The city declared bankruptcy on August 1 of this year in the wake of an over $45 million deficit in their budget. The majority vote approved benefits cuts to city employees and eliminations of empty police officer spots. The fire department would not suffer any losses, but rather current firefighters will not work overtime and more firefighters will be hired to fill the gaps.


 Bankruptcy Planphoto courtesy of Shutterstock

Bankruptcy Planphoto courtesy of Shutterstock

The city has been struggling to pay the necessary bills to keep the city operational. The amount of police officer positions being cut is 18 vacant positions. KEL Attorneys say there will be several appearances that representatives of the city will have to make before the judge of a bankruptcy court. There have been several opponents to the cuts in the police department, their chief being one of them. They worry that not having enough patrol power in the city is a terrible idea due to the amount of crime the city has been experiencing.


Council members say that the plan is not perfect, but the amount of money that it saves makes it the most reasonable option for the city at this point. It has been addressed as a hurdle that must be overcome in order to make San Bernardino a better place to live.


San Bernardino is a medium-size city in southern California that lies about 55 miles east of Los Angeles. It is the main city and governing center for San Bernardino County. It was named in 1801 and became a city in 1851. Today it is one of the poorest cities by population with Detroit, Michigan being the only city above it in ranking. There is a lot of hope that the right steps will be taken to resolve the financial woes of the city and get it back on its feet.


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