Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

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This may be your second date or your second anniversary, but Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men are always a little tricky. Although most people like to think they are above all the cupids and candy hearts, deep down  everyone wants a little bit of lovin’ on February 14th.


Whether you’re in a new relationship, or an established one, coming up with original gifts can be tough. Nothing about all of the pink, purple, and red screams “manly”, but there are a few things to remember about buying for your guy on V-day. This year, try something a little different. And of course, keep it time appropriate. Provided below are five great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men.


Stage 1: 3 Months or Less


Could be that you’re only eight dates in. It’s an awkward time for Valentine’s day to hit when you’re awaiting the “next level” conversation. So go for a light and casual gift. Show him you’ve actually been paying attention to his long diatribes about his fascination with the Bermuda Triangle and buy him a cool book about it. If he’s really into sports, get him a sweet DVD of his favorite sport highlights, or an interesting documentary. Any of those things go great with homemade baked goods.


Stage 2: 3 to 6 Months


So you’re probably an official couple by this point, but you still don’t want to go overboard and scare him. There’s a good chance you’re still getting to know each other but you’ve got a good idea of what his interests are. If he’s into photography, get him a cool gadget to go with his current camera. Polaroid’s are back, and that’s something you can both have fun with. Craft beer is big right now so get him a mix and matched case of really interesting brews.


Stage 3: 7 months- 1 year


 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
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If you’ve gotten to this stage in your relationship, things are probably quite serious. When looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men, you should make it personal. You know what he sports and music he likes, so take him to an event. Now that NHL is in full swing take him to a hockey game. Or check out your local music listings and get seats to a band he likes. Another great way to show him you care is to set up a surprise date. Pick him up and check out a beer tasting event or ice skating. Maybe plan a quite dinner alone for later on that night.


Stage 4: 1 to 2 Years


This is long-term commitment zone, so don’t be afraid to splurge a little or get sentimental. Find a cool souvenir from a place you visited together and have it framed. Buy him a nice watch or quirky cufflinks that define his personality. A nice photo of you two from a wedding, date, or perhaps when you first met, is great in black and white and framed.


Stage 5: 3 + years


Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men should never be thoughtless. Though it’s easy to get comfortable in this stage and buy him things that you know he needs, focus on the things he’s interesting in. If it’s within your budget and he always does the cooking, buy him a couple of gourmet cooking classes. If he’s a dare devil and loves to fly, some flight or hang gliding lessons could be fun. And if you know that he’s got the travel bug book a weekend stay somewhere romantic and local to surprise him with.



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