5 Tips for Looking Better naked—Now



Okay Ladies. You’ve got the fancy undies. You’ve got the fits like a glove dress in fire engine red. Your hair is styled to the max. Your make up is Cleopatra perfect. But what happens when the clothes come off?


Though its not something we’re that inclined to think about after a few glasses of Chardonnay, a couple of quick pre-date steps could have you looking amazing in the buff.


Here are five ways to appear better when you’re bare.



1: Lighting

Candles are so much more forgiving than florescent overhead or track lighting. You can control the amount of light you want and you can get some seriously arousing aromatherapy. Install some tea candle lanterns in your room for a great flicker effect. You can also get some sweet desk candles in intoxicating scents. It’s been said that the smell of baked goods seriously kick starts arousal in men. So grab a pumpkin pie or cookie dough flavored candle, too.



2: Silky Smooth

Let’s hope you make this a priority. You don’t have to spend a fortune on embarrassing and painful bikini waxes—though they are the most effective over a period of time. Instead, opt for a smooth close shave with a high end razor from your local drugstore. Exfoliate first and then lather up with a lotion based shaving cream. When you’re finished follow up with a sensual smelling moisturizer.



3: Fake your glow

 Spray Tan photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Spray Tan photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Perhaps you can’t control the in the moment jiggle. You can, however, control the way your body contour looks. A plethora of self tanning, shimmer, and bronzing sprays exist to smooth over the bits and bumps. They even help with your winter pallor. For beginners, there are tan towels available online now that allow you to simply apply a glow with a towel. It lowers your chances for unsightly drips and streaks.



4: Nudicure

Plan to get a manicure and pedicure the day before your big date. You want to make sure that any attention paid to your hands and feet is positive attention. In the moment, overgrown toenails and peeling paint jobs can be distracting or even a turn off for some people. When you get your manicure and pedicure, opt for something nude and to make your nails look healthy and natural.



5: Touch ups

Though you shouldn’t have to hide your body from a possible pleasure partner, everyone has hang ups. There are great cover up products that address things like spider veins, scar, and even tattoos. Buy mixing skin matching make up with pleasantly scented moisturizer, they give the illusion of flawless skin. Covering up insecurities to make yourself more comfortable during the act doesn’t mean you’re hiding who you are.



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