Red Wine – More Good News For Those Who Like To Imbibe

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Recent research shows that drinking red wine in moderation may have several health benefits that we may not have realized in the past. Because of these excellent health benefits, doctors are starting to recommend people drink red wine on a regular basis to help improve different aspects of their health.


Lose Weight

One way drinking red wine can improve your health is by helping you lose weight. Researchers at Purdue University believe there is a compound found in red wine, grapes, blueberries and passion fruit that blocks immature fat cells’ ability to develop and grow. By block these cells’ ability to grow in your body, red wine will prevent additional fat from forming in your body which will help you lose weight when you continue to exercise on a regular basis.


Good For Your Heart

It also appears that red wine is good for your heart as it contains resveratrol. Resveratrol helps protect your heart and arteries against saturated fat which is what builds up in and around your heart to cause heart attacks and other heart disease. The alcohol in red wine can also help raise your levels of “good” cholesterol which helps reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your system that causes cardiovascular disease.

The more “good” cholesterol in your body, the better chances you have of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Drinking red wine in moderation is a great way to increase the amount of “good” cholesterol in your body, which in turn is good for your heart.



Prevents Cancer

Perhaps one of the biggest health benefits of drinking red wine is that it appears to help prevent cancer. Recent research indicates that the antioxidants contained in red wine help prevent several diseases brought on by age. This can have a positive impact on your body’s ability to fight cancer cells. Your system will be healthier overall when you drink red wine on a daily basis.

Also, the resveratrol contained in red wine can kill cancerous cells, especially when used in conjunction with radiation therapy. The resveratrol penetrates cancer cells and induces apoptosis, a type of cell death that is the most effective way to kill cancer cells.


Prevents Tooth Decay

One other health benefit associated with drinking red wine is its ability to help prevent tooth decay. Drinking red wine will help harden your teeth’s enamel, preventing tooth decay. Also, the polyphenols in red wine help fight against gum disease by reducing inflammation in the gums. Since many other drinks and food chip away at our teeth’s enamel, red wine may be our savior when it comes to fighting tooth decay along with proper dental care.

While most people think drinking alcohol on a regular basis is bad for your health, research may suggest otherwise when that alcohol is red wine. Drinking red wine in moderation on a regular basis can help you lose weight, care for your heart, prevent cancer and prevent tooth decay. As more research is conducted regarding the health benefits of drinking red wine, we may find out this drink has an even more positive impact on our health.



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