Dennis DeGrazia’s Top 5 Tips and Myths of Home Energy Savings


In an Economy where we’re all trying to save a dollar, we face the eternal struggle of saving money versus keeping our houses warm during the winter.  Is there any possible way that we can save money and maintain a cozy temperature when the temperatures drop?  Dennis DeGrazia says yes, it is possible to save a dollar here and there that can save you a bundle of money in the long term.  In a recent interview on ABC 7 News, John Porterfield (Certified Energy Manager) and Cheryl Pomeroy (Home Energy Efficiency Instructor) did a segment on Home Energy Saving myths.  Let’s take a look:


  • In one of the most popular myths, it is said that you should turn down your thermostat at night because the temperature will take time to reach back up to that temperature next day.  This however is false; the truth is that the more you set your thermostat down, the more money you save.  So when you’re sleeping, be sure to set your thermostat to the lowest possible temperature to save money.
  •  Home Energy Savings photo courtesy of Shutterstock

    Home Energy Savings photo courtesy of Shutterstock

    Another helpful tip to remember is to that most of the energy you’re losing is being lost in places you can’t even see.  Dennis DeGrazia says it’s almost impossible not to lose some of your energy through problems in your air ducts, problems like leakage.  It’s incredibly important to run energy audit and duct leak assessment or test on your ducts before spending large amounts of money on improvements.  Upon correcting one of these problems can increase your air conditioning and heating by 20 percent efficiency.

  • One common misconception with homeowners is that “leakage” and “ventilation” are the same thing.  However, they’re very different.  Whereas leakage is bad and increasing your bill, ventilation helps homes maintain healthy living environments because they “breathe.”
  • One myth is that heating costs can be the biggest energy cost for homes in colder climates.  This is a myth that is only partially true.  Dennis DeGrazia reminds us that that are many appliances that we keep in contemporary home.  Many of these appliances being electronics that can end up accounting for half or even more in the energy costs, even in the colder months.
  • Another myth is that for every home to be considered healthy, it must have some amount of leakage.  Again with the misconception between “leakage” and “ventilation,” even a little leakage isn’t good.  The only thing leakage is accomplishing is wasting hot or cold air that should be doing into your house.  A healthy home is a home with fan-ventilation.

Dennis DeGrazia is an expert on construction and real estate. He sees energy efficiency and “going green” as the future of his industry.



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