Apple Leads Market in PC Sales Thanks to iPad




Consumer electronics and computing giant Apple has taken the top spot for the personal computing market. The amount of sales they did in 2012 was not due to PC’s however. It was thanks to the iPad. The company grabbed 20 percent of the market with 27 million units sold.


 Ipad photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Ipad photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Of the 27 million units sold last year by Apple, 22.9 million were iPads. Macbooks and iMacs were not as highly sought after in the last year. The numbers were also directly affected by supply issues for parts of the new iMacs being produced in China. The runners up in the market listings were HP and Lenovo, grabbing 11 percent of the market apiece.


On the whole, there were 134 million PC units sold in 2012, with about a third of those being tablets. With the saturation of tablets into the PC market, Apple’s iPad has started to meet some competition. To help keep their product on the cutting edge of the market, Apple released the iPad Mini in November. The Mini is an iPad with a 7-inch screen that allows it to be even more portable than its full-size counterpart. The size change was meant to keep up with Google Android tablets that come in that size standard.


Microsoft also attempted its try at the tablet market with the release of the Surface in November. Running an optimized version of Windows 8, the Surface has been met with mixed reviews. Sales of the tablet in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe have been slow, causing some worry for Microsoft. The release of the tablet in the United States has been met with more success. There has been talk of releasing an extended battery pack for the Surface to combat complaints over the tablet’s batter life. There is now word yet on when that will be released or its price.




Apple, Inc. is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers. Founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, they are the direct competitor to Microsoft and have proven themselves a versatile computer and electronics company in the last 13 years or so. 

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