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About a week after Blackberry announced a name change and a new operating system for their new phones, numbers show Windows is outpacing the company. The battle between the two lower ranks in the smartphone world is starting to heat up.


The later part of 2012 saw Microsoft gain a better foothold in the smartphone market than Blackberry. This comes after Blackberry, formerly known as Research In Motion, changed their name to reflect their brand and release a new version of their well-known mobile phone.


 Blackberry Wipeout photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Blackberry Wipeout photo courtesy of Shutterstock

There are six models of Windows phone available to consumers at this point, with a few more to be released this year. The phones have succeeded Blackberry at their own game after years of the two business phone manufacturers fighting for dominance. The new phones were released when Windows 8 came out. Windows has seen new life since they relaunched their smartphone lines with optimized versions of their latest operating system.


Blackberry announced the launch of their newest smartphones and operating system last week in an effort to come back as a viable manufacturer. Blackberry 10 is an overhauled version of their operating system that is designed to be on par with more user-friendly systems such as Android and iOS. Blackberry had fallen behind other smartphone manufacturers when their proprietary software wasn’t making the mark like Apple or Google.


Windows and Blackberry are fighting for dominance in the business world more than in the consumer phone market. While they certainly want to capture the trendier users as evident through their interface designs, they are still more oriented for business at heart. There will still be a solid six to nine months before it is clear who the winner is between the two companies. Neither will be looking for a spot higher than third place however.


Google and Apple currently hold the top spots in the smartphone market due to their increased compatibility with email and business services. Their user-friendly and sleek looking interfaces have offered a wide range of products and uses that have gone beyond business, which is why Windows and Blackberry have fallen to where they have.




Blackberry was founded as Research In Motion in the 1980’s, and used to be the leader in business smartphones. Windows has been a leading software company since the 1980’s and continues to be so to this day. Both companies appeal to corporate environments more often.

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