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Park Crossing Apartments, a complex located in Maple Shade, New Jersey, is the type of community that knows what residents want from rentals. The community features renovated units and a gym in a great location. Nestled in a safe community close to Philadelphia, the management at Park Crossing Apartments provides some of the arguments for renting rather than buying.

With the housing market making a slight comeback, many people are looking to buy homes again. The long history of the American Dream tells new citizens and young people that buying a home is a step in the right direction. But this part of the American Dream might still be a bit too expensive for some, or committing to home-owning is still uncertain.  Though there are fabulous homes on the market, many people well into middle age are still renting. But why?

Park Crossing ApartmentsNew apartment complexes and communities, such as Park Crossing Apartments in Maple Shade, New Jersey, are upping the ante on renting.  Luxury amenities, locations in great town centers and urban environments, and community building are just a few reasons rentals are attractive.

The hidden costs of home ownership might be one reason to put off buying. Additionally, owning a home just outside of a major metropolis usually seems wise. The tradeoff for a low down payment, however, is often increased transportation costs. It’s estimated that families earning up to $50,000 annually spend nearly 57% of their income to pay for both mortgages and commutes.

That’s a high price to pay. It can be smarter to rent within the city limits, where public transportation is cheaper and monthly rent often includes at least a few utilities.  The added convenience of a city’s attractions is another draw.

These days it’s not unusual to see families selling at least one of their vehicles to control their budget. Fortunately, many things are within walking distance or with use of a train Residents of Park Crossing Apartments get the best of both worlds. Renting there means only a ten-minute train ride into Philadelphia, and secured parking within the facility.

Another trend spurring increased rentals is simplification. Older couples that have owned homes most of their lives are now selling to downsize in space. What they’re finding in return is an increase in amenities and convenience. Modern apartment communities offer in-unit washers and dryers, up-to-date appliances, and interesting layouts with plenty of space. For one couple, selling their Connecticut home and renting a Mediterranean style villa in Florida made their financial life way easier.

Modern apartment communities such as Park Crossing even offer fully operational gyms with yoga and zumba classes, as well as pools. Renting often provides more luxury than  buying a home these days, making the American Dream accessible without a mortgage.

Park Crossing Apartments in Maple Shade, New Jersey, offer a world-class fitness facility, single and multiple bedroom units, and additional modern amenities. Located just ten minutes from Philadelphia, Park Crossing Apartments provides a perfect location for commuting professionals.

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