Howard Stern eats his words about “little fat girl” Lena Dunham



It must be difficult to be Howard Stern. Even with a digital, syndicated soap box of a radio show to stand on, it seems like he’s still having a hard time playing nice. Fellow New York success story, Lena Dunham, was in Stern’s crosshairs this week after the recent Golden Globe success of her show Girls. Having reportedly called Dunham, a “little fat girl” and comparing her looks to that of fellow funnyman, Jonah Hill, Stern is reaching out to make an apology.

  Lena Dunham photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Lena Dunham photo courtesy of Shutterstock

No word as to where this sudden outburst came from, Dunham seemed to take things in stride, reportedly unruffled by the comments. In fact, she killed it with kindness, claiming that she was a huge Stern fan and that he had a right to not like her show—or her for that matter. On the David Lettermen show, Dunham was quoted as saying “I’m a Howard Stern fan and I really think that he has earned the right to free speech and he should just go for it.” But even for a 26-year old actress, writer, director extraordinaire and Golden Globe winner (no big deal), it’s got to hurt a bit. Looks like the Best Actress in a Television Comedy or Musical winner gets the last laugh though.

Stern strangely issued concern that Dunham would assume that he meant she was a “talentless” little fat chick, instead of just a little fat chick. And, furthermore, issued an apology to Dunham for his comments, claiming that he “loves” Dunham’s show Girls. Stern also claims to “love the girl who writes” the show and even though he earlier claimed that watching Dunham get naked for sex scenes was like “rape” he is still sorry for what he said. There you go, Howard!

Dunham strutted her stuff at the 2013 golden globes in a chocolaty Zac Posen gown, and although critiqued for her inability to properly carry herself in the dress, she was the ultimate winner taking home the award previously mentioned as well as the overall Golden Globe for Best TV Comedy and Musical as well. She tweeted her success story, a crumpled dress, and an uncorked bottle of champagne the next day as “the walk of shame”. Perhaps it was a little Girls-esque,  but with a winning show and a winning attitude in the face of Howard Stern, Dunham definitely has something to celebrate.



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