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Teeth whitening is a dental cosmetic procedure gaining popularity, according to Dr. Deepika Verma. Yet the appearance of a white smile is no substitute for lifelong dental health aided by professionals.

Increasingly, adults are turning to teeth whitening as a method of reducing stains on teeth and obtaining a brighter smile. This cosmetic dentistry procedure aims to whiten teeth, reduce visible staining and give the appearance of a healthy smile. As one of the most common avenues of cosmetic dentistry, the process of whitening teeth is frequently requested by patients and consequently offered by dental professionals.

As individuals scramble to achieve the illusion of a healthy mouth, dental authority Dr. Deepika Verma cautions that there is no substitute for practicing consistent, professionally supervised dental care to promote a bright, healthy smile.

Cosmetic teeth whitening relies on active chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide, to produce a whiter smile. For some patients, the process of chemical whitening can produce persistent tooth sensitivity or incomplete stain removal. Frequent bleaching wears away at the natural enamel of teeth, making it more likely that stains will last in the future. Some bleaching processes can produce heightened sensitivity by widening pores on the surface of teeth.

Using toothpaste with active whitening ingredients is a more cost-effective way to promote a white smile. However, consumer vigilance is required, and the choices can be overwhelming: some toothpastes contain abrasive whitening ingredients that can cause damage to teeth.

As Dr. Deepika Verma asserts, maintaining a healthy smile starts with diligent and well-informed dental hygiene. Twice-yearly dental cleanings allow professional hygienists to remove plaque that builds up on the surface of teeth. Far from being simply an issue of vanity, regular cleanings at a responsible dental care center will prevent plaque accumulation that can lead to gum disease or other damaging conditions.

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Education provided by a dental office can be essential to lifelong dental health and hygiene. As in the case of whitening toothpastes, many products and services offer fast results but fail to appropriately address issues of safety and proper dental care. It is necessary to consult with a trusted dental professional in order to determine the correct course to take when it comes to choices in the field of dental health.

Whether or not whitening is a priority, Dr. Verma recommends using fluoride toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association. As she notes, dental products fortified with fluoride contribute to strong, efficient teeth.

Aside from professional cleanings and expert-reviewed product choices, a consistent and mindful daily routine will contribute to healthier, stronger teeth. Brushing twice a day is essential, diminishing bacteria that accumulate overnight and during meals. It is essential to choose a dental professional who is trustworthy and experienced. Overbrushing or incorrect brushing can be damaging, so consulting with an expert is the best method of establishing a healthy dental routine.

While professional whitening can be an option for some, for others, following a professionally supervised course of dental maintenance significantly contributes to healthy teeth, regular maintenance and a luminous smile.


Dr. Deepika Verma is an experienced dental professional who serves as the director of the Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa. Dr. Verma utilizes industry innovation, years of experience, and personal relationships with her patients to promote lifelong dental health.



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