Michael Zammuto Remarks on What It Will Take for Windows Phone 8 to Hold its Victory Over BlackBerry



Microsoft Windows 8 Phone has just surpassed BlackBerry to become the third largest smartphone platform in the United States. BlackBerry plans to release two new models this year, which might possibly make Microsoft’s victory short-lived. Michael Zammuto, Reputation Changer president and a tenured professional in technology company management, suggests that Microsoft will be able to hold its ground if it comes up with more unshakable innovations.

In the fourth quarter of 2012 Microsoft launched its much anticipated Windows Phone 8 and has enjoyed a very positive reception among smartphone users since then. A Strategy Analytics report has announced that in February 2013, Microsoft’s Windows Phone overtook BlackBerry OS in number of users, making it the third largest smartphone platform in the U.S. behind Apple and Google.

  photo courtesy of Shutterstock

photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Furthermore, there are now more Windows Phone 8 users than there are Windows Phone 7 users, in spite of the fact that WP7 has been on the market for two years while WP8 has only been available since late November 2012. This attests to the remarkable strength of WP8 sales over the holiday season.

Even with new Windows 8 smartphone models like the notable Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X hitting the shelves at relatively high price points, consumers appear prepared to pay for the latest in Windows mobile technology. In spite of a few early bugs, user reviews for WP8 have also been overwhelmingly positive.

However, their main competitor, BlackBerry OS, is soon to release two new phone models. The BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, due in March (but more likely to come through in May), are generating considerable hype among fans. For a long time BlackBerry held the title of third largest smartphone platform, and they have been one of the longest running and most consistently performing companies in the smartphone industry.

As a Windows Phone 8 user and technology professional who has seen the inner workings of Microsoft, Michael Zammuto believes that the new BlackBerry phones don’t necessarily spell disaster for WP8. If they make proper investments in research and development, Microsoft and its OEM partners can continue to introduce exciting new WP8 devices and tools which will keep their standing strong.

Michael Zammuto looks forward to seeing the battle unfurl between Microsoft and BlackBerry OS over the coming year. It won’t be until the end of the third or fourth quarter that we’ll be able to determine a true victor, but it should be thrilling to see what both sides will offer.

As the president of Reputation Changer and a former officer at several other technology and communications companies, Michael Zammuto is a close follower of the smartphone feuds. A Windows Phone 8 user himself, he hopes to see Microsoft elevate the standards of smartphone technology in the coming months in order to maintain a strong standing in the market.

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