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Representatives from BMW have announced that they will begin manufacture of a former concept motorcycle due for fall 2013. As an avid BMW fan, Thomas Reeh talks about the new bike with an homage to its roots.

BMW announced Wednesday that it would begin production of a concept motorcycle that it released drawings to back in 2009. The bike, which is planned for sale in the fall of 2009, will be inspired by the first motorcycle to be produced by the Bavarian manufacturer 90 years ago.

The concept bike was introduced in drawing form at the 2009 International Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy. The S 1000rr and K1600 models overshadowed it in 2009 and 2011 respectively. Thomas Reeh says that the time has come for this café-style bike, which is meant to be a 90th anniversary homage to the R32, BMW’s first motorcycle. According to representatives at BMW, the concept bike that is still nameless will be the last new bike to have an air-cooled engine.

 BMW  Motorcycle Photo Courtesy Shutterstock

BMW Motorcycle Photo Courtesy Shutterstock

In the same announcement, BMW said that they would start to use water-cooling in all of their engines moving forward. Most of their motorcycle engines to this point have employed air-cooling to beat engine heat. Thomas Reeh notes that engines that are air-cooled rely on a device such as a radiator to absorb engine heat and cooling fluid in the radiator disperses it. BMW’s motorcycle engines have used the same horizontal cylinder design for cooling since the birth of the R32.

Café-style motorcycles came into popularity in the 1960’s as the demand for racing bikes became more popular. Compared to a full-size motorcycle, café-style racers are stouter in size and are designed so riders and tuck into the bike in order to pull off sharper, more efficient cornering. The engines are a little faster and the general features of the bike are designed to be more aerodynamic. They have evolved into faster and more competitive racing bikes that are now more popularly manufactured by companies such as Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki.

There is no word as to what the new BMW bike’s name or cost will be. The most certain detail is that the bike will most likely be in the United States by fall of this year.

Thomas Reeh is a prominent member of the financial services industry in Australia. In his spare time he professes his enthusiasm for BMW’s cars and motorbikes.

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