Richard Zahn: Scuba Diving is More Than Just Fun


Florida Business Professional and scuba enthusiast, Richard Zahn goes over the many benefits of taking a plunge underwater.

Scuba diving is commonly referred to as a luxury sport. Most people partake in the activity when on vacation in tropical destinations. They see diving as the perfect way to get a glimpse of the otherwise hidden aqueous underworld, notes Richard Zahn. Some specifically plan vacations located near prime dive spots.

Richard Zahn on scubaWhile the sport provides people with a fun, out-of-this-world experience, people are beginning to learn that scuba diving offers a lot more than just a good time. There is a wealth of health benefits surrounding the sport, both physically and mentally. Diving is now being acknowledged for its therapeutic side effects, such as stress relief and aerobic activity.

Swimming in itself is a great way to stay fit, without causing strain on your joints and bones. It works to tone muscle while getting an aerobic workout and allows you to be actively achieving this without feelings of fatigue. To be able to scuba dive, you must achieve a certain capacity for aerobic exercise.  Taking scuba diving lessons, which will help you be able to swim for lengthier periods of time, can attain this.

Scuba diving also works your lungs more than other types of cardio workout. After only a few dives, you will be astonished to see the improvements in your breathing during other activities. Another area helped by diving, is the healing process. The body uses oxygen to heal itself and the act of diving increases oxygen in the blood, quickening the body’s healing.

Though the physical health benefits of diving are extremely evident, the mental health improvements provided by the activity are unparalleled. The indescribable peace found in the quietness of water increases mental health. The exotic marine life, colorful corals and sands take control of your mind and you suddenly lose sight of lingering stresses and find it hard to focus on anything but the beauty surrounding you.

Richard Zahn Comments On Other Diving Perks

Diving benefits can also be seen in relationship aspects. Families can use diving as a relaxing way to spend quality time together. Couples, who dive together, find a new activity in a stress-free environment. It is an activity anyone can enjoy and when done in a group, the group will feel unified.

It is also a great way to meet new people. Diving is not a sport for loners. Diving alone can be very dangerous, so if you travel solo, be sure you are assigned a diving buddy. This forces you to trust and appreciate someone you barely know. What better way is there to make quick friends with someone than to be forced to fully depend on one another?

Scuba diving’s abundance of benefits does not end there. Being a diver allows you to see wonders of the world that most never get to experience. On land, people see the same types of museums, malls and developments time and time again. However, Richard Zahn agrees the eyes of a diver get to explore a vast world reserved only for those interested enough to seek it.


Richard Zahn is a Florida business professional who has accumulated a variety of experience in diverse work environments. He began his professional career with the US Army, and has successfully worked in the fields of construction, development, law enforcement and medical. He currently lives in Florida, where he engages in multiple hobbies, including scuba diving, while maintaining his success.


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