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It’s that time of year again and you might be wondering how you’re going to keep your children occupied while they are on spring break.  Luckily for you, millions of kids and parents have worked through spring break and developed tricks and techniques to keep your children entertained in the most beneficial way.

Stock up on food.  These children are going to be in your home for far more hours a day than usual, which means that their appetite is your responsibility.  Buy fruit and granola or any other easily packaged item that will allow your children to eat on the go without succumbing to their sweet tooth.  Also, monitor your children and don’t allow them to eat out of boredom.  Just because they don’t have school doesn’t mean that they need to eat 12 times a day.  Their diet should still be regular as they jump into spring break activities and if you allow them to gorge, it will make it difficult for them to cut back their eating habits once school is back in session.

Check local newspaper and websites for deals.   Some businesses know that your children are on spring break and want to encourage you to bring them out of the house.  Research to find out what activities are offered in your area and if there are any coupons for activities during spring break.  Work with other parents to maintain a schedule where one parents takes the kids to one activity to allow the other a break.  Go explore the city or town that you live in.

Take this time to educate your children on heir surroundings and inspire them to learn on their own.  Some historical sites in old cities offer free tours and historical souvenirs.  Also take this time to ensure that your children possess a library card and know how to use it.  If you can inspire them to read on their own for just a few minutes, it’s much easier for them to pick of the habit and read for leisure.  Also, invite your kids to read the newspaper with you.  Any chance for them to practice is beneficial to their education.

Plan a game night.  Some parents can take off of work as their children enjoy their spring break.  This can make families closer and it some cases, farther.  Games like monopoly can teach your children important decision making skill and persuade a parents to educate their children.

Don’t be afraid to ask the kids.  Don’t necessarily open yourself up and ask the kids to plan something.  Give them a budget and allow them to offer ideas of things they think are fun.  Their friends might have told them about an activity that other kids will take part in during spring break and it might be a good idea for your family.

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