Analysts Say You May Have Never Heard Of The Most Valuable Degrees



Most news sources focus on the most valuable degrees offered at every university. However, the best degrees are sometimes rather selective. Recent economic indicators show that some fields are growing, but employers are unable to find workers with educational experience in those fields. Surveys also suggest that people going to college might not be familiar with every option that is available to them. Some fields of study are less well known than others. That does not make them any less useful, however.

Agricultural organizations are often unable to find people ready to staff top positions because they lack degrees in the field. For instance, one pork council president stated that he was able to rise to the top of the ladder because of his doctorate in meat science. Few universities offer degrees that are as obtuse as meat science. In fact, surveys indicate that students are often unaware that programs are even available. Some respondents even thought that the name of that particular degree program sounded farcical.

That is what makes these sorts of fields among the most valuable degrees universities offer. Ruminant nutrition is another scientific field that few people hold degrees in. Agricultural businesses need skilled individuals who are able to scientifically design menus for livestock. People are often frightened away by the traditional image of a farmer.

However, recent market data shows that the livestock industry needs more individuals with that sort of degree. Some schools offer college courses in these kinds of fields, but most do not. That has put pressure on feed companies since they are unable to find potential employees who know enough about animal diets.

Degree Saturation in Today’s College Classrooms

Specialized employers can only ever hire so many people. That is why some analysts fear that if there were a rush on these degrees they would suddenly become far less valuable. Those with educational experience in such fields would find themselves unable to find work. Public employment centers urge students to research the job market before they commit to a degree program.

Representatives of these organizations have also stated that they feel many diplomas that were traditionally considered to be among the most valuable degrees are no longer. People are graduating with degrees at a higher rate than ever before. Many nontraditional students have decided to go back to school. Business has always been a popular major.

When people receive degrees in a certain field, the degrees become less valuable since there is more competition when it comes to landing a job. When students take the time to choose a field that has openings in it, they are helping to prevent this problem. College students are urged to investigate the issue and do some research for themselves. It could save them a good deal of grief down the road. According to university professors, no one should choose a degree because it was popular. They also should not choose one simply because it seems that few people are actively pursuing degrees in that field.


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