Tips For Writing Student Résumés

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The résumé is an essential tool in all job markets. At times, it is the key to landing your dream job, or any job at all. It can be challenging to write a résumé, but it is a necessary skill to obtain. By following these tips, the student résumé will be an easy challenge to conquer.

The first, and most obvious, section of information to include is contact information. All applicants should be sure to include their legal name, a working telephone number and a professional email address. The email listed on the professional résumé should not include any x’s and o’s and should be from a reputable organization or internet provider. This information should be included at the top of the résumé. Depending on the layout of the page, it can be centered or aligned to the right or left margin.

The format of the rest of the résumé may change depending on the applicant’s strengths and experiences. A student or recent graduate would want to list education before work experience. This is because most students do not have much work experience or have experience that is not applicable to their field of study. Listing educational experience would bring the employer’s attention to the most relevant parts of the résumé without disinteresting them by asking them to read every part-time job the applicant has ever had.

Following the education section, students should include any field-of-study related activities or sports in which they are involved. This section shows the employer that the applicant has a true passion for the subject both inside and outside of the classroom. Being actively involved also shows an ability to multitask, which employers may find important. Applicants should sure to mention any leadership roles they may have held in these activities.

Next, the work experience section should be included. Jobs and internships should be listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent. Each work experience entry should contain the place of employment, the dates during which the student worked there, the title held and some responsibilities that the job entailed. A good tip is to emphasize action words during this section. By using words such as “assisted” or “created”, the applicant accentuates the tasks completed. These words sound better than “did” or “made”. Also, students should make sure that all the tasks listed are parallel to one another. That is, they are of similar length and are all of similar sentence structure.

Résumé writing can be intimidating, especially for students who are new to the working world. Following these tips will ensure that every applicant seems competent and professional.

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