Film Review: Beasts Of The Southern Wild


Beasts of The Southern Wild throws audiences from tearful sadness to resounding hopefulness as they are invited to follow young Hushpuppy around her Louisiana bayou community. The community, which is referred to as the “Bathtub,” consists of a community cut off from the rest of the world by a levee. Five year-old Hushpuppy, live in the Bathtub with her angry, yet caring father, Wink.

The film outlines an interesting father-daughter dynamic as the hot-tempered Wink often allows Hushpuppy to learn through emotions like fear, anger, or even happiness. His efforts mold the young soul into a fearless, smart little girl who is more aware of her surroundings than her father knows. When Wink becomes ill, Hushpuppy stares into the brink of orphanhood as her father explains that her mother left them a long time ago. Hushpuppy sets out on a mission to find her mother while simultaneously saying goodbye to her father.

Although the plot is varied and exhilarating, the vibrant bayou scenes that display the eccentric culture in the Bathtub are a pure thrill to watch on screen. Audiences will want to re-watch this film over and over again to take in every aspect of Bathtub life. The audience salivates at the southern seafood feast that the Bathtub residents frequently enjoy. Although the Bathtub offers danger as a giant storm approaches, it also offers peace and solace to the residents as they enjoy their pure existence.

This film will inspire you to succeed in the most impossible circumstances as you root for Hushpuppy. The little actress, Quvenzhane Wallis, who scored a nomination for the Best Actress Oscar, offers a powerful performance where her dialogue houses an astonishing amount of wisdom. Her simple observations about her life in the Bathtub prove that under these unusual circumstances, her intellectual perception has become heightened to a level that enables her to feel fearless. Her father’s lessons, though hard-learned, have given her a strict moral authority that governs her every move. She playfully dances on the audience’s heartstrings, as she loves from a level that is far beyond her years.

It can be easy to sit and discuss the plot, the superior acting, or even the vibrant sets to describe why Beasts of The Southern Wild is truly a cinematic experience. Before that discussion can be concluded, more recognition is owed to the amazing accompanying soundtrack. The film’s seemingly slow-moving southern life adaptations are given life as the accompanying songs set a strong tone. The southern-horn laced compositions give the film a heartbeat that will bring audiences thorough an emotional rollercoaster.

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