Video Shows Kate Middleton Reveal Baby’s Gender

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Rumors have been circling the internet that The Duchess of Cambridge is having a daughter, after she allegedly let the sex of her baby slip during a meet-and-greet in the town of Grimsby Tuesday, but a new video shows that this is clearly not the case.

Kate Middleton, who announced her pregnancy in December, accepted a teddy bear from an admirer in the seaport town on Tuesday, allegedly saying “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d…” before catching herself. Her slip-of-the-tongue, originally reported by the Telegraph, set the internet abuzz with rumors that she was about to say “my daughter.” When another woman in the crowd, identified as 67 year-old Sandra Cook, asked her if that’s what she meant, Kate replied, “No, we don’t know,” before adding, “We’re not telling.”

 Kate Middleton photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Kate Middleton photo courtesy of Shutterstock

While the slip solidified to some that the baby will be a girl, other internet spectators suggested that she was going to say, “for my duke,” suggesting that it is a boy, or even, “for our dog.”

But a video released Friday clearly shows that the Duchess didn’t make a slip of any kind. The video shows Middleton saying, “This is for us,” when receiving the bear. It also shows her confused reaction to Cook’s question about whether she referred to the baby as her daughter, which was previously attributed to her fluster at the slip.

The video was released by Healing resident Lisa Hewson, who said she wanted to “do the right thing” for Kate after the media firestorm started.

Nonetheless, speculation that the Duchess will be giving birth to a girl has been circulating since she was admitted to the hospital in December for hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe type of morning sickness, which has been linked to being pregnant with a girl by several scientific studies. It was also speculated that she could be carrying twins, as women who are hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum are three times more likely to give birth to twins than those who are not.

Another report out of Grimsby suggested that the Duchess revealed the baby to be a boy: Hull Daily Mail reporter Katy Forrester, who was attending the event, told the Telegraph that when she asked Middleton if the baby was kicking, she responded, “He is.” Forrester later said either no one else heard, or she misunderstood what Middleton was saying.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced in October 2011 that constitution changes had been made to remove male preference in the succession process, meaning that if Middleton’s child is a girl she will ascend to the throne. In late December 2012, the Queen took another step towards gender equality in the royal family, signing a declaration which decreed that, if the baby is a girl, her formal title will be “princess,” superseding a decree by King George V which, under which the child would be called “lady.”

The Duchess continued her official engagement tour by visiting the National Fishing Heritage Centre in the Lincolnshire Port on the 6th, where she hid her baby-bump under the same knee-length brown Hobbs coat she had worn in Grimsby the day before.

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