North Korea: Prepare for War

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North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-Un, has told his troops to prepare for an all-out war. After several threats of nuclear testing and attack, the country is finally making clear statements about their intentions. China has expressed concern over the “highly complex and sensitive” situation.

China, which has suffered its own issues of pollution lately, is now facing another problem. Their neighbor North Korea has shown increasingly threatening displays of power with their nuclear capabilities. Global news sources remind outsiders that Beijing is caught in the middle of this situation. They are unfortunate mediators, attempting to please both Pyongyang and Washington.

UN sanctions against North Korea are supposed to be tightly enforced. While many suggest that the UN is merely ‘biting’ Korea’s lure, others aren’t so sure. China is North Korea’s key ally, and they could have vetoed to block the sanctions. But they did not. Instead, many think that the resolutions will be balanced.

It seems that all countries except North Korea are poised to diffuse the situation. No one wants to see a show of nuclear arms or worse, all out nuclear war. However, a North Korean spokesperson has stated that the United States “is set to light a fuse for a nuclear war.” They say that they are ready for preemptive strike. These strikes would target “strongholds of the aggressors and defend the supreme interests of the country.”

As of now, the US has no intention of lighting fuses or making strikes against North Korea. Part of this is due to much calmer words voiced by officials.

Analysts say that North Korea is still years away from amassing the necessary nuclear technology. Assembling a nuclear warhead is one thing. Outfitting it with technology for accurate strikes is another.

North Korea has stated that drills performed between South Korea and America are a declaration of war. But South Korea assures the drills are purely defensive in nature. Training and drills are a completely different thing from a third, unapproved nuclear test.

Regardless of who is building defense or offense, Kim Jong-Un is spreading the word that war is on the horizon. While addressing his troops he told them to prepare to “annihilate the enemy,” and “blow up their positions” at any time. Harsh words.

Many officials and leaders believe this is a game of brinksmanship. They hope that this is a show of force so that they are not underestimated or looked over. As of now, they hope it doesn’t come to blows. However, they still want the international community to leave ample room for negotiations.

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