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Spring is on the way! Even after you put away your winter coats and finish up your spring cleaning, something still might be missing from your home. Designers are suggesting simple touches to your home to get that bright springy glow throughout the year.

Check out some of this years newest trends in spring design and shake off the winter blues with some redecoration.

Bold color

More so than in years past, vibrant color is making a comeback, and it’s not necessarily how much you use but where you choose to use it. What used to be a color taboo is now something being seen in more and more homes—colorful small spaces. The old school of thought used to be that you needed to open a small space with white walls. But you don’t toss all of your white clothes after labor day anymore do you? So why follow this tradition? Pick a bright uplifting shade of blue or paint one accent wall with a splash of orange. Wallpaper is big again, and you can play with bold patterns and shapes in a small space. Make sure that your accents are complementary and not too busy themselves. White, crème, and metallic accents are great for balancing out bright color.


If you’ve got an extra room in your house that you have no idea how to decorate, start thinking about bringing the outdoors inside. A new trend is adding trellis work to walls that have a vibrant paint. Paint the trellis a light or warm color to brighten the room. Add plants and outdoor inspired lounge furniture. It helps if the room is bright with natural light, but if not, you can work with lighting options to brighten up the natural light in the room.

  Modern Kitchen photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Modern Kitchen photo courtesy of Shutterstock

White wash

Just as color has taken off, so has white. Flip-flop the typical use of color by painting walls white. Take the same approach to your floors. If you’re thinking of adding new laminate flooring or a tile to your floors, go white. It sounds a little extreme, but then you have the option of choosing nearly any pattern, design or color scheme for decoration and furniture. Some interior designers are showing white walls and floors with pastel and colorful trim and crown molding. Alternate vibrant color schemes with neutral stripes and an ikat print for a different look.


Though only recently considered passé, wallpaper is back in a big way. If you like bold patterns, textured walls, or trends, you should definitely dip into this growing theme. Designers are suggesting botanical paper on walls in clean bright spaces like large bathrooms. By contrasting stark white tile and natural light with flora and fauna prints, you get a relaxed and beautiful look. Think natural looking light sconces and details. And if you’re thinking of doing a whole bathroom remodel, consider a stand-alone tub for drama and clean beauty.

Seated comfort

Many remodeling jobs lead to one fix or another, and before you know it you’re way over budget. If you want to brighten up your kitchen or sitting room, start small. Go to a flea market or local discount material shop and pick up some new patterned and printed material. You can make your own seat cushions at a fraction of the cost of buying designer ones. Flea markets have a ton of old furniture, including kitchen chairs and benches that are dying to be rehabbed. Put a fresh coat of paint in alternating colors on each chair for a funky look. Then add your new brightly colored cushions and you’ve got a pop of color you were looking for without breaking the bank.

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