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Social media trend expert, Scott Dylan, has devoted his life to technical business development. That’s why the Facebook team’s recent announcement of news feed and content organization was a big deal for him. Social media marketing has become a huge market for most freelance business consultants and developers like Dylan. According to a press release that announced the change, content specific news feeds are set to hit this ground breaking social media site on Thursday, March 7.

Why the change? Facebook wants to become a competitor on the news market. Traditionally, “news feeds” are used for sharing thoughts, and opinions. With recent changes to the look and feed hierarchy, users are able to post news stories, but often stories that have been trending for some time. In this case, Facebook wants to compete with Twitter, which has become a social media news outlet. People will now have the chance to do the same on Facebook.

The changes occurring aren’t just for news purposes, they are good news for businesses, especially application development companies, says Scott Dylan. If you’re an avid Facebook user, you’ve probably already noticed the advertisements in your news feed. The new set up should allow for separate feeds for things like Top Stories, Music, Photos, and Most Recent stories. Instead of a jumble of a feed, there will be a dedicated feed line. Now businesses and app development companies can research their ad hits, and keep up with their competitors with just the click of a button.

If you’re a new business, you’ve probably already noticed that everyone is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and to fall behind digitally could leave you in the dust. Hashtagging is now a common term to describe tagging something for Instagram or Facebook. Figure out hashtags and figure out how to get more hits on your products or pages. The new Facebook layout will help out with this. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, has been quoted as saying that the look and design of Ads will become less subtle, and along with user content, more visible and accessible.

So, adds Scott Dylan, if you’re advertising merchandise or applications on Instagram, you can add those images to Facebook. Facebook will in turn be categorizing those images on specific feeds. Users want information, and now that it’s more organized, businesses and promoters can add to their marketing campaigns by accessing these changes. Dylan suggests using a consultant to get your website and social media brand known. Once you know how to control the content you want to make available you can download a number of analytical tools to monitor your marketing success and product growth on social media outlets.



Scott Dylan is a veteran business and technical developer with 15 years of experience within the business. In addition to being an investor, he’s worked for a number of large and reputable companies including Virgin Mobile and Deutsche Bank.


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