Laughlin Kennel Helps Prospective Dog Owners Choose Their Ideal Breed


If you consider yourself a dog person, says an article from the Chattanooga Times Free Press, your search for the perfect animal companion shouldn’t end there. Part of Massachusetts breeder Laughlin Kennel’s philosophy is that there’s a breed perfectly suited for everyone. Consulting a breeder or conducting a little research can help you find the dog that’s right for you.

Each dog breed has a unique appearance and grooming requirements. Different dogs also have distinctive temperaments and energy requirements. Therefore, say the breeders at Laughlin Kennel, it’s important to examine your lifestyle before choosing the breed you adopt.

If you exercise frequently or wish to find motivation to do so, you may want to consider adopting an energetic breed. Likewise, if you don’t have the time to exercise, you may want to steer away from dogs that become agitated when left cooped up for too long. Laughlin Kennel provides much of this information on their web site. You can also search through the 177 recognized breeds on the American Kennel Club’s listings.

The American Kennel Club also provides a few things to consider when looking for the right breed to adopt:

Living Space
If you live in an apartment, a small home, or don’t have a yard, start looking at toy breeds. Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas are both popular choices in this category, but even they have extremely different temperaments. Yorkies are energetic, feisty, and determined, while Chihuahuas are confident and affectionate. Both breeds are also perfect for individuals or families without children.

Some dogs simply don’t have the personality to deal with rambunctious or active children, but many, like Labradors and beagles, do. Smaller dogs may be injured if children play rough, but larger breeds tend to take good-natured roughhousing in stride. In any case, it’s advisable to teach your children how to treat an animal, and keep an eye on both of them as they interact, at least at first.

Activity Level
Many breeds, like border collies and Labradors, are extremely active and love the outdoors. They require daily exercise, and are especially well-suited as a running partner. If this matches your lifestyle, you may want to choose one of those breeds. If it doesn’t, a French bulldog or pug may be right for you. They are wonderful companions that require very little exercise.

Breeds with long, heavy coats require regular grooming, or else their coats will become matted and tangled. Others, like Akitas, have double-coats and require weekly brushing. Even breeds with smooth or short-haired coats, like greyhounds and boxers, require regular grooming, but they’re not as high-maintenance as other breeds.


Responsible for placing over 25,298 puppies in happy homes, Laughlin Kennel has specialized in breeding purebred puppies since 1992. They have access to virtually any breed of dog a potential owner could dream of, and provide a 14-day unconditional health guarantee on all adoptions. 

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